1. Do you offer customized cakes?
Absolutely! We can design specialty cakes for any occasion. Are you looking for Hantaran cake, Baby shower cake or a Gourmet Birthday cake?

2. What are my icing choices?
Our signature for soft frosted cake are Butter/Cream Cheese Icing. However, depending on type of cake, other options maybe available. We also offer fondant cakes, fondant gives a smooth, flawless matte finish.

3. How many people do your cakes feed?
Our standard 9” layer cakes serve 16 people. 10” layer cakes feed 20-24. Smaller 6” layer cakes feed 6-8 people. Specialty or custom cakes can be made to accommodate your needs. However sheet cakes offer a simple and quick solution for easy servings.

4. How much do your cakes cost?
My cakes have different ranges of pricings. Depending on weight of cake, ingredients used and skill of work spent on them. Additional costs for extra sugar items due to cake size or design factor. Children’s decorated cakes start from rm 109 for an 8” round or square cake. Usually in butter cakes and would feed 12 people. Please enquire for unspecified decorated cakes.

5. How do you charge cupcakes?
Mini cupcakes start from rm2.50 each. Standard cupcakes with decorative items starts at rm5.00 each Discounts available when ordered in bulk of more than 200 pcs, subject to type of decoration requested. As this is only a guide, for more detailed information, please contact julie@olivetree.com.my For emergencies my H/P: 012 614 3538 during business hours. (10 am-6pm, Mon-Sat)

6. How do you charge your restaurant cakes?
Prices range from rm99-rm128 for 9” cakes.

7. How long will the cakes stay fresh and would they have to be refrigerated?
Cakes with fresh cream/cheese and/or fruits, would need to chilled. They have a minimum 3 days fridge life if kept below 5ºC. However fresh fruits 1-2 days fridge life. Pavlova & Meringue cakes; best eaten on same day. Butter based cakes and Chocolate cakes are best at room temperature, if kept chilled to preserve their shelf life, remember to let the cold cakes reach room temperature otherwise your cakes would be hard and dry. Always keep cakes in an air tight container to preserve moistness and flavor. Cakes pick up fridge odours very quickly Cupcakes and slices need 5-15 minutes to warm up to room temperature before serving. Bigger cakes (6”-9”) needs 1-3 hrs to warm up naturally.(approximate guide only)

8. Do you offer discounts?
Yes we do on bulk orders. T&C apply. Please contact us by Email to julie@olivetree.com.my Or call H/P 012 614 3538 for urgent orders during business hours. (10 am-6pm, Mon-Sat )

9. Do you deliver?
At this moment pick up of cakes at USJ 4, Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E.

10. How do I order?
Orders need to be placed 2 days in advance for normal restaurant cakes. Specialty & Customized cakes need more time. The bigger and more complex it is. More advance booking time needed. Larger quantities of cakes also need more time. To avoid disappointment, please place your enquiries early. Emergency cakes maybe available for restaurant cakes only. Please enquire.