Olive Tree Cakes

Meringues & Pavlovas
Fruit selection will depend on what is seasonal and available. Our fruits will be more than substantial to insure sufficient fruit per slice. Prices vary according to selections and quantity of fruits requested.
Usually 9” round cakes. However our “Olive Tree” Cheesesticks ( 9” square ) lend themselves to your party selection. Assorted fruit compote can dress your cake (limited to what is in season) These cakes will be based on normal 9” sized cheesecakes. Different Prices to include the additional fruits. For normal plain topped cheese cake prices start from Rm109 – Rm128. But Cheesesticks offers a more affordable choice, prices starting from Rm90.
Chocolate Desserts
Chocolate Volcano, chocolate brownies and decadent chocolate pie with assorted fruits, chocolate sauce and your most luxurious ice cream (fruits, chocolate sauce & ice cream not inclusive in your cake order)
The old favourites are timeless, Bread & butter pudding (10” square ) and fruit crumble. Serve with ice cream or Cream. Let your imagination lead you.
Fruit & Vegetable Cakes/loaves/cupcakes/sheet cakes
Assorted Butter based cakes/loaves/cupcakes/sheet cakes
For 10” square sheet cakes offer an easy and attractive serving selection.
Assorted Muffins
Freshly baked, flavor-some muffins for a less rich and healthy choice . All muffins are best eaten on the day they are made.
Assortment of Celebration Cupcakes
In fondant. Usually follows our many colourful festive seasons.
Pretty Party Cakes
Prices vary. An 8” round butter based cake with butter/decoration icing and decorated in your party theme starts from Rm 109
Pies/Tartlets/Frangipane Tartlets.; Apple Crumble, Sweet Potato, Peach, Plum, walnut, Cherry and Mixed Fruit.
Barbie Dolls
In butter based cakes @ Rm180 each in soft icing.
Assorted Restaurant cakes
Usually in 9” rounds weighing approximately 1.7 kg-2.6kg. Cake is heavy due to the many ingredients in them. Prices start at Rm 99-Rm 128.
(My signature cake - Cherie-Misu using Vanilla Sponge. This cake came about after feedback from my customers who loved Tiramisu but did not like nuts. I provided one with Cherries for a less sweeter version.)
Hantaran Cakes
Usually in fondant. We also do cakes in soft icing when requested. However, due to our weather constraints, especially for outside party events, please enquire.
Fruit Cake
We offer a rich fruitcake laced with liqueur. For our Muslim clientele, we substitute with fruit juice. Please note that as such…the fruit cake cannot last so long. Please look at F&Q for butter based cakes. Rich Fruit Loaf/Cake starts from Rm 109. It’s packed full of assorted dry fruits. Cake/Loaf weighs 1.1 kg
Ginger breadmen
For X’mas. A limited quantity will be made. To avoid disappointment, please place your bookings early.